This is Alligato

Alligato is a leading enterprise software solutions provider focused on Fintech and operational monetization. Our flagship BilllFlex platform provides
Field Service Operations, Managed Services Providers and IoT deployments with Operational Optimization and Monetization.

Rapid Time to Market Philosophy




BillFlex is the next-generation solution for field operations and managed services as they transform to digitized products and services. BillFlex
provides a competitive edge with abilities to plan effectively and
execute predictably with customers and minimize labor costs and
errors associated with manual reconciliation. No matter how complex
your services, how you bundle products, or what equipment you need to track and support, BillFlex provides full visibility of all transactions and measures your margins, metrics and labor cost within a singular platform.


Telecom Operators and Banks have been converging for years.
The FinTech industry is moving fast. Financial institutions and telecoms
are partnering with Mobetize to rapidly deliver financial services in a
mobile environment with enough flexibility to accommodate existing and new products and meet strict regulatory and risk management strategies.